About Our Caregiver

With three siblings and fourteen cousins, Mallory has an abundance of lively childhood memories. Her grandmother’s almond orchard, the streets of her neighborhood, and her own backyard provided many hours of uninterrupted free play where elaborate games with friends and family took place. As she grew out of these games, she started to look after young children in the neighborhood and began to step out of the role of a playmate and into the role of a caregiver.

Her love for working with children took her to Europe as an au pair, to many homes as a nanny, and finally to Waldorf education in San Diego where she enrolled in the LifeWays training. Passionate about young children and their need for consistency, simplicity, a sense of wonder, and bountiful time in nature, she decided that the next step would be to open a home childcare program with these essentials in mind. Experiences in the Kindergarten at the Waldorf School of San Diego, NUA Sparrow Program, and Sanderling Waldorf School helped to deepen her understanding and appreciation for Waldorf education. Mallory is dedicated to offering children in her care a loving, secure, play-based environment where exploration and imagination thrive.

mal & al 2When Mallory is not taking care of children, she enjoys yoga, tennis, bike riding, going to the beach and traveling.